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4351 114"W 125"L 78"H INDUSTRIAL, GAS FIRED 450 F
4346 48"W 48"L 48"H STEELMAN 650 F
4350 48"W 48"L 60"H STEELMAN 450 F
4352 48"W 48"L 72"H GRIEVE, GAS, SOLVENT RATED 500 F
4357 48"W 48"L 72"H GRIEVE, GAS, SOLVENT RATED 500 F
4212 48"W 96"L 72"H GEHNRICH GAS FIRED 450 F
4146 60"W 101"L 78"H OSI, GAS FIRED 500 F
4387 60"W 120"L 72"H KNOX 500 F
4415 72"W 119"L 78"H DESPATCH, GAS FIRED 500 F
4394 84"W 144"L 60"H GRUENBERG 1000 F
4174 84"W 72"L 84"H NEW ENGLAND, GAS FIRED 500 F
4414 96"W 144"L 81"H DESPATCH 550 F
4322 96"W 240"(20')L 108"H WISCONSIN 500 F

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